Waste Types


Asbestos must be completely wrapped in thick plastic before we are able to remove our bin off site, this ensures a responsible and environmentally safe removal and transportation.

Builders Waste

Builders waste consists of a mixture of timber, dirt, bricks, steel, gyprock, concrete and all other common building material you would expect to find on a job site.

Construction Waste

Construction waste consists of a lot of similar waste types as builders waste but with more plastic, steel and concrete getting mixed into the bin.

Garden Waste

Garden waste is all green waste such as tree clippings, grass clippings, timber and anything else that is environmentally friendly and natural.

Renovation Waste

Renovation waste is old building material and you may commonly come across asbestos, which is prohibited in these types of bins. Please see asbestos waste for more information.


Steel bins are strictly steel, including iron, aluminium, copper and any other ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Brick & Concrete

A brick and concrete bin consists of large and small pieces of concrete, bricks, pavers, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, marble and granite.

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